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About Happy2Host Education

Happy2Host Education is a Black-owned agency committed to transforming educational experiences through innovative technology. We empower students, teachers, and schools worldwide, bridging gaps and fostering inclusive, engaging learning environments. As a proud Google Partner focusing on education, we possess the expertise and capabilities to support educational institutions on their technological journey,

Happy2Host Education provides:

  • Inclusive training: Upskill staff and boost confidence with accessible, enjoyable tech use for curriculum delivery.
  • Diverse trainers: Champion underrepresented voices, reflecting society through our trainers.
  • Lifelong impact: Develop essential skills for success beyond formal education.
  • Revitalised online presence: Affordable digital marketing solutions for schools and educators.

We understand the importance of having impact beyond the classroom, and so can support you to develop the essential skills your students need to thrive even after formal education.

Happy2Host Education’s creative services will reinvigorate your organisation’s online presence. Our affordable education-specific digital marketing solutions include professional school websites, prospectus design, promotional videos and photography.

Empower educators with our professional development services

  • High-quality training and support for educators and their organisations so they can use technology to enhance the delivery of their curriculum.
  • We focus on Google Workspace for education, offering bespoke training across multiple tools.

Deliver creative digital education specific marketing solutions

  • We will use a range of multi-media to market your organisation and highlight your unique qualities.
  • Our creative work includes professional school websites, prospectus design, promotional videos and photography.

A few words from our CEO Lawrence Tijjani

Bringing over 15 years of diverse educational experience, from my early days as an IT technician and computing teacher to leadership roles and now as an edtech consultant, my journey has been driven by a passion for integrating technology into education. As CEO of Happy2Host Education, I’m thrilled to leverage this experience to enhance educational institutions and champion opportunities for a diverse range of talented trainers. We’re here to support your digital transformation journey, whether you’re just beginning or seeking to deepen your impact

Our Values

Igniting Potential in Underserved Communities

We work with schools and colleges in notably underserved parts of the country, upskilling their community members and inspiring young minds.

We’re passionate about sharing the most innovative and impactful edtech resources with everyone – particularly those who need them the most.


Committed to Change

Building dreams, bridging gaps: Through mentoring

We know how valuable support and mentoring for disadvantaged young people is, exciting them about learning and showing how their ideas can grow into greatness. We donate 10% of our annual profits to Just A Guy CIC, a fantastic UK-based initiative tackling educational inequality and boosting social mobility for young people from all walks of life.