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Why Become Google Certified?

Adaptable and innovative educators continually seek new ways to engage with their students and create a lasting impact in the education sector. They’re also the first step on the path to becoming a Google Champion. Google certifications align with a growth mindset, enabling you to:

Seamlessly integrate edtech tools into your teaching

Stay current with Google Workspace features and best practices

Demonstrate professional growth

Foster a tech-savvy learning environment

By becoming Google Certified, you invest in your professional growth and contribute to shaping tomorrow’s great minds.

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Google Certifications

The Google Certified Educator program offers two levels of certification to elevate your teaching skills and mastery of Google tools:

Google Educator Level 1 Certification
Google Educator Level 2 Certification
Supporting you to support your students

Happy2Host Education offers tailored Google Workspace for Education training courses:

One Day Workshop

Ideal for educators already familiar with Google Workspace, our one-day workshop boosts your confidence to take the L1 or L2 exam. Dive deeper into the tools you use regularly in your teaching practice.

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Two Day Workshop

Perfect for those new to Google Workspace, our two-day workshop offers a comprehensive overview of the tools and their applications in the classroom. Gain a thorough understanding of how to use these powerful resources. This workshop is designed for L1.

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Accelerated Workshop

An intensive, two-hour training session for educators with the core skills needed for L1 or L2 certification but seeking additional support and practice to excel.

All our Google Certified Educator workshops include exam registration for each participant and post-exam support if a resit is required. Attend a 1:1 online support session tailored to your needs, focusing on the specific areas you found challenging, and receive a resit voucher to retake the test at a later date.

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