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We are team of Google Certified Trainers, Innovators and Coaches

Our Core Team

  • Lawrence Tijjani

    CEO / Founder

    Lawrence Tijjani, CEO of Happy2Host Education, has dedicated over 17 years to education, evolving from a computing teacher in a London secondary school to a respected EdTech consultant. His pivotal role in adopting Google Workspace for Education has notably advanced digital learning across the UK. A Google for Education Certified Trainer and Innovator, Lawrence has led sessions globally and passionately advocates diversity and inclusion within and beyond EdTech.

    He founded Just A Guy CIC to uplift underserved UK students towards educational equity and social mobility. In 2022, Lawrence received the Edufuturists Award for staff engagement and training and has been instrumental in earning accolades for Happy2Host Education’s efforts in enriching diversity and inclusion in the educational technology landscape.

  • Conrad Taylor

    Special Project Lead 20 years experience as Educator

    With over twenty years of experience in education, Conrad Taylor joins Happy2Host as a visionary in educational technology and organisational change. As the Business Learning & Technologies Manager at City of Wolverhampton College, he has spearheaded the integration of cutting-edge technologies to enhance teaching, learning, and administration, establishing the college as a beacon of digital innovation.

    Conrad’s diverse roles have ranged from enlightening computing lecturer to developer of inclusive software for dyslexia and dyspraxia, demonstrating his commitment to accessible education for all.

    At Happy2Host, Conrad aims to leverage technology to foster environments that promote collaborative practice, personal development, and creative thinking. His dedication to technological advancement as a catalyst for change is set to propel Happy2Host to the forefront of professional development, ensuring clients are equipped for success in a digital world.

  • Zaitoon Bukhari

    Teaching and Learning Lead 14 years in the classroom

    Zaitoon, Happy2Host’s Teaching and Learning Lead, is a pivotal figure in educational technology. With over 14 years of classroom experience and 7 in EdTech, she is a Google Certified Trainer, Innovator, and Coach, expertly merging educational theory with digital practice. Beyond Happy2Host, she’s the Director of Digital Learning at Achievement Through Collaboration MultiAcademy Trust, driving technology’s integration into learning. Her leadership in developing the Trust’s Digital Strategy aims to create an educational environment that encourages collaboration, eases staff workload, and promotes teaching excellence.

  • Emmanuel Akintaro

    Creative Director

    Emmanuel is the Creative Director at Happy2Host Edu, tasked with leading the design and web development segment of the business.

    With over 12 years of professional practice delivering user experience solutions for companies in the finance, retail, sports and entertainment, government, and education sectors, Emmanuel brings a wealth of insights and first-hand knowledge to the table, which has been honed to suit the individual needs of our wide array of customers.

  • Jas Panesar

    Lead Designer PhD Candidate, Primary School Teacher

Our Trainers

  • Wendy Peskett

    Google Certified Coach, Innovator & Trainer, Chartered Teacher & ISTE Educator

    Wendy is Kami’s Business Development Rep and freelance edtech trainer. She worked in Further Education for 30 years as a staff trainer, initial teacher training module leader and mentor. As a digital change agent, she led a London College to win the TES Effective Use of Technology award in 2017.  She now delivers training to staff and students in the UK and Internationally. 

  • Marika Lecointe

    Google Certified Trainer

    Marika is an experienced  Media Studies teacher, with 10 years plus classroom experience. She has a passion for youth wellbeing and personal development.  As a Google for Education Certified Trainer, Marika is able to support educators and students build their confidence and digital literacy using Google Workspace, in turn making teaching and learning fun, interactive and collaborative.

  • Abena Akuffo-Kelly

    Trainer Educational Technology specialist with 16 years of experience.

    Abena Akuffo-Kelly is an educational technology specialist with more than 16 years experience in education. She is an expert in her field and  is involved in many initiatives that include  training, coaching and mentoring fellow teachers. She is a Senior Facilitator with the NCCE (National Centre for Computing Excellence) where she helps to diversify teacher subject knowledge by training non-specialist teachers to teach computer science. She is also an SME (Subject Matter Expert) and Enthuse Partnership Coach supporting schools to enact change and improve provision through a process of needs analysis and target setting. She has a passion for EdTech and believes that the most effective software and hardware tools can transform learning. She therefore sits on the panel as a judge for  the BETT (British Educational Training and Technology) show. She is an intersectional practitioner and has spoken at various conferences on DEI. 

  • Joseph Arday

    Trainer Computer Science Educator, Consultant since 2010
  • Shabnam Bibi

    Trainer Learning Coach in Digital Technology. Mentor to trainee teachers on the PGCE course

    I am a teacher and tutor of Foundation Learning at an inner London sixth form college- Newham Sixth Form College. Within my role, I am an expert and specialist in SEND and behavioural needs of learners and I teach GCSE subjects in Social Science & Humanities and BTEC Level 1. In addition to this, I am a Learning Coach in Digital Technology & Google for education certified trainer; this role enables me to support my colleagues to become Google educators in both Level 1 & 2 furthermore I deliver individualised and training and coaching sessions. I am a mentor to trainee teachers on the PGCE course working in partnership with the University of Greenwich and University of East London. I am also an accredited facilitator in coaching licensed by OLEVI.

  • Mariam Matthew

    Trainer High School Technology Coordinator for 16 years

    Mariam Mathew has taught at schools in Canada, California, New York, and London, teaching Science, Maths, English, and digital technology courses. She had been the High School Technology Coordinator for 16 years at The American School in London before recently starting to teach Health (PSHE) at the secondary level where she uses her passion for educational technology to deeply engage students in their learning. She is a Google Level 2 Educator and loves to support fellow educators around the world.

  • Dharmini Patricia Fernando

    Trainer 10+ years of experience in Technology Education.

    As a passionate educator for over 10 years, I have first hand witnessed how technology has shaped our world, especially within the classroom. 

    I believe that with the right mindset and the right EdTech tools, you can enhance every learner’s educational journey. My goal is to ensure that each and every student and educator gains the skills to become a confident digital citizen of their time. 

    My aim is to provide them with life-long technology skills that they can either choose to study further to build a career in or use to be more confident in their learning/working environment. Whatever their goal, I would be more than happy to be the trainer to support their journey.  

  • Patrick Hickey

    Trainer PhD candidate Primary School Teacher

    I am a Primary school teacher in Ireland. I am also completing a PhD on the experiences of teachers with physical disabilities. 

    I have a great thirst for knowledge and I really enjoy using Google tools for teaching, learning and assessment. I also have a huge interest in accessibility and the Universal Design for Learning. I find that Google tools offer great time saving resources for teachers. I also really like how collaboration and innovation is fostered amongst the tools. I am currently converting old windows laptops to chromebooks.

  • Nordia Nwobu

    Trainer Teacher by heart and profession

    A Google for Education Certified Trainer, Primary School Teacher and Maths Leader with excellent experience in the primary setting. I have been using Google for Education in my school for over 7 years, across the curriculum, to improve my own practice and to enhance children’s learning. I have enjoyed using Google workspace for Education to amplify my day-to-day functionality. I also enjoy teaching and supporting others to develop their understanding of how to use Google apps confidently to improve their functionality and to enhance teaching and learning.

  • Katie Donkor

    Trainer 10 years experience in computing teaching. Level 1 & 2 Google Certified.

    Katie Donkor is a primary trained teacher of ten years who specialises in teaching computing topics such as online safety and programming, always seeking opportunities to use Google Workspace for Education applications.

    She is a Level 1 and 2 Google Educator and  Trainer, her goal is to continue providing training to school staff to use Google Workspace for Education applications to ensure collaboration, creativity and passion for learning.

  • Zaheer Mirza

    Trainer 17 years in Educational Technology

    I’ve been working in Educational Technology for over 17 Years. I Started of as a Junior technician and today I work as a IT transition Manager for an Academy Trust.

    Over the years I’ve seen the evolution of Technology in Education and the amazing transformation over the years. When I was first introduced to Google Not only did I believe then and still do today that the google platform really molds itself around the teachers and learners and addresses the real needs of those teachers and learners.  

  • Stella O Shea

    Trainer 30 years experience as Educator

    I am a post-primary teacher with 30 years of teaching experience in French, German and Geography. I am also an assistant principal (grade 1) and I co-ordinate CPD in our school.