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Since 2006, Happy2Host Education has partnered with educational institutions across the UK, recognising the uniqueness of each. Our expertise in designing school prospectuses ensures your educational ethos is clearly communicated to students and parents.

Benefits of a School Marketing

A well-crafted prospectus offers numerous advantages, such as:

Emphasising your school's ethos and educational goals

Engaging with diverse communities to enhance educational accessibility

Attracting exceptional teaching talent

Assisting students and parents in making informed decisions

Differentiating your institution in a competitive market

Our Comprehensive Services

We provide end-to-end services, including:

Branding and identity • Prospectus Design and Layout • School Photography and imagery •
Targeted Copywriting • Advice on Sizing, Styling and Finishing of Printed materials •

By choosing us to design your prospectus and website, we’ll ensure consistent messaging across both channels for cohesive marketing and communication efforts.

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Our Collaborative Approach

We believe in involving you, your staff, and students in the prospectus design process. By understanding your institution’s core values, we can create a prospectus that truly represents your unique learning environment.

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