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We must lead by example

We’ve made a number of commitments that we’re confident are helping us to really make a big difference


Building a diverse team that brings a huge range of different perspectives to Happy2Host Education, allowing us to view education technology from every angle


Creating an inclusive environment that celebrates differences, and utilises these differences to ensure we’re offering the very best services and support to schools


Treating everyone with respect, and building our internal processes upon a foundation of equality, as we believe these traits belong in every organisation


Helping schools, colleges, and educators to understand the importance of diversity, by working closely with them to develop equality and inclusion policies


Boosting awareness of inequality and discrimination in education today, and working with educators and leaders to identify effective solutions to issues


Helping schools reach out to underrepresented communities across the UK to make education available and accessible to everyone who wants to learn


Staying up-to-date on the latest developments in inequality, diversity, and inclusion in education, enabling us to adjust our approach as needed


Donating 15% of our profits to the Just A Guy (JAG) foundation, which boosts social mobility and supports young people from disadvantaged backgrounds

As a Black-owned organisation, we have a unique insight into the struggles that many minority students face throughout their learning journeys. Some feel unheard. Some feel powerless. Some feel invisible.

We all work better when we work together. Positive change doesn’t come from one person. It comes from bringing together a selection of ideas, experiences, thoughts, notions, passions, and perspectives from groups with diverse life experiences.