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April 15, 2024

Bonus Pastor Becomes a Google Reference School

We are thrilled to announce that Bonus Pastor Catholic College has achieved the status of a Google Reference School. This notable recognition is a testament to the college’s dedication to leveraging Google Workspace for Education to enhance their teaching and learning processes.

The Path to Innovation

The designation of Bonus Pastor as a Google Reference School highlights the effectiveness of their innovative digital strategy. By integrating Google Workspace for Education, the college has significantly fostered an environment that promotes collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.

This transformative journey commenced with an in-depth analysis of the school’s needs, which led to the adoption of Google Workspace tools. These tools have been crucial in refining teaching and learning processes and enhancing collaboration across the entire school.

Celebrating Success

The impact of these digital tools was exemplified during a visit from G Kelly, Customer Success Manager for Google for Education in the UK. His visit underscored the transformative potential and effective use of Google’s educational tools within the school’s curriculum.

Educators at Bonus Pastor have embraced tools like Google Classroom, Google Slides, and Google Docs, creating engaging and interactive learning experiences. This seamless integration of technology has opened up vast resources and opportunities for student exploration and discovery.

Beyond Technology

What distinguishes Bonus Pastor is the profound impact these tools have had on student learning outcomes. By empowering students to take ownership of their learning and actively participate in their education, the school is equipping them for success in a digital future. The skills developed are essential for students to thrive in the 21st century.

A Commitment to Excellence

As Bonus Pastor Catholic College celebrates this milestone, its commitment to continuous innovation in educational technology is clear.

We extend heartfelt congratulations to the dedicated staff and students at Bonus Pastor. Your hard work, commitment, and enthusiasm for embracing innovation have been pivotal in achieving this distinguished status.

Although Happy 2 Host Education has supported Bonus Pastor’s journey, the spotlight rightly belongs to the college. We are inspired by their success and eagerly anticipate seeing how they continue to lead and innovate in education.