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April 29, 2024

Welcome to Our New Look!

As every agency dedicated to school web design and development knows, when you’re constantly pouring your heart and soul into your clients’ websites, it’s easy for your own digital footprint to get left in the dust. Well, we finally had that “aha” moment and realised it was time to give our site the love it deserves. Truth be told, fitting our own makeover into the busy schedule of helping our clients was quite the juggle, but hey, we made it happen! Let’s explore the why and the how of our latest digital evolution.

So, Why the Change?

Our previous site was like a comfy pair of shoes: familiar but showing its age. It served its purpose, but as our expertise in school web design and development grew, the fit just wasn’t right anymore. We needed a space that not only made it easy for you busy educators to find what you’re looking for but also reflected the evolved version of us. Addressing our SEO to increase our visibility was crucial, plus we wanted a website that showcases our flair in school web design because, well, that’s what we excel in!

What’s New?

Our loyalty to WordPress remains strong, yet we’ve upskilled, learning new tricks to enhance both the look and functionality of our sites. The new site not just loads faster and ranks better on Google, but most importantly, it makes navigating the vast world of school web development a breeze for you.

The Results So Far

The makeover is fresh, but the early results are in, and we’re thrilled:

  • Engagement times have jumped by an impressive 93.4% on average, a clear sign our site’s content and design are hitting the mark.
  • Event counts per session are up by 54%, showing that visitors are diving deeper into what we have to offer in school web design and development.
  • Our engagement rate has rocketed by 21%, and the bounce rate has fallen by 9%, indicating the site’s increased relevance and user-friendly experience.
  • The number of views per user has doubled, proving our content’s magnetic appeal and the efficacy of our navigation design.

Always Evolving

We’re off to a great start, but in the realm of school web design and development, there’s no such thing as “done.” We’ll keep fine-tuning, updating, and pushing the boundaries with each new iteration of our site.

Our latest website is more than a mere update; it’s a reflection of our journey, our dedication to school web design, and our steadfast commitment not just to keep pace with digital trends but to lead the way in innovative educational website solutions. We’d love to hear your thoughts a