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Highbury Quadrant Primary School

The Story

High Quadrant is a primary school based in North London. They cherish the vital role parents play in our educational journey. Through open communication and collaborative efforts, we strive to create a nurturing environment that supports every child’s growth and success.

Taking back control

We stepped in to help the school team consolidate all the information regarding the hosting information, and as result regain control of the management of their website.

Although they had access to their website, over time they found it difficult to manage. The content management system in place no longer served it’s purpose, but it became a issue of real concern due to the vendor no long providing any support.

A website to tell the true story

The brand lends itself for good use where design is concerned and so, we took the opportunity to bring this to the forefront of their web presence.

The team wanted their website to be welcoming, modern and bright. These terms fit perfectly into what we collectively envisioned for the school.

A website that works

The website was rebuilt from the ground up utilising the full capabilities of WordPress as the content management system. Restoring the full power of control to the school and ease of use were our main priorities, so we installed our custom built WordPress dashboard, which provides easy access all the functions needed for the day to day running of the website.