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Lee Spencer

The Story

The world’s only physically disabled person to hold The World Record in an endurance event.

Lee’s mission is to redefine perception, challenge stigma, drive change and ensure everyone has an opportunity to lead a life with dignity.

An Bold & New Experience

We worked with Lee Spencer and his team to build a website that would shine a spotlight on his expeditions, and amplify his offerings as a corporate and school speaker.

Lee’s achievements have been recognised on a global scale and so, we were ready to take on the challenge of building a platform that would match his status.

Our Approach

The team had an archive of amazing photos of Lee on his past expeditions which we felt would work in his favour and would bolster his desire of ‘changing perceptions’. We designed an interface that would allow the detailed and high quality photos to take centre stage.

Achieving a visually engaging website is not solely down to the images used, but also how it flows with the content. We mapped out a navigation structure that makes finding information easy and page we also considered how page layouts should be constructed with both content and imagery in mind.

Built for all platforms

Our aim was to deliver an experience that could be had regardless of whether you’re viewing the website on a desktop or browser.

Management on the go

Full access to the website backend is available for designated members to login and make updates on the go. Having as good an experience on mobile as you would on desktop is a necessity given mobile usage for accessing websites is continuously on the up.