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Prison Radio

The Story

The Prison Radio Association (PRA) are a charity that helps to rehabilitate prisoners and ex-prisoners by equipping them with skills and experience to gear them up for a chance at a better future. This is achieved through first-hand experiences provided by Prison Radio initiatives; National Prison Radio – a radio station run by prisoners for prisoners and Life After Prison Podcast.

A Website Overhaul

Our task was to re-imagine the website and rebuild it from scratch, but needed to deliver it’s content in a new and exciting way. We worked with the team at PRA to establish not only an updated web presence, but to also consider a new approach from a brand perspective.

Our team gave Prison Radio a new visual identity, one that would challenge the often negative stereotypes of being in prison and that would bring the positives to the surface. We achieved this by pivoting away from the corporate and dim colour ways to a bright and incredibly vibrant interface with the use of powerful imagery to convey the feeling of positive change and possibilities.

Content and technical delivery

To further enhance the experience across the PRA website, we advised on ways in which the content should be published across the site. The previous website housed a lot of text, and it became apparent very quickly that house-keeping was needed. With WordPress, we were able to provide the means to easily manage content and allow the team to create content without restriction.

An experience housed under one roof

The PRA website is now the one-stop shop for all thing Prison Radio. Previously, due to technical limitations, there were features shared with partner websites. Users now no longer to be directed to external websites to take advantage of some of the core features and can enjoy newer features now available on the Prison Radio website. These features include:

  • Secured voice recording mechanism for families and friends to leave messages for their loved ones
  • Embedding external content such as media player and donation form
  • Management for rich media content including videos, podcast and other productions